Warehouse Transfer

Follow this routine for completing warehouse to warehouse stock transfers and printing collection notes.


Create sales ledger master account records for each warehouse you need to make transfers to. The account number must start with an exclamation mark, eg !03, !NW.  Each record is created as a normal sales ledger account but the warehouse code must correspond to the receiving warehouse, ie 03, NW.

Create a menu entry for each warehouse you wish to transfer stock from e.g. 01, SE.  The entry could read "Transfers from Warehouse SE" and the command line  is "run inv01 sop01 DEFWH-SE" where SE is the warehouse code.   You will need a separate menu entry for each sending warehouse.

To begin a transfer from warehouse SE to warehouse NW, for example, create a despatch note using this command.  Enter the customer as the sales ledger account number for the receiving warehouse, ie !NWEnter stock items (and bin/batch where used) with the quantities to be transferred.  End the order and note the document number.

Print the despatch note in the normal way selecting the report number required.  This report could be repedited as a collection note with the required fields.

Create a menu entry to update the transfer when the stock is received.  The entry should read "Picking/Packing Branch Transfers" and the command line is "run inv01 sop21".

Complete the warehouse to warehouse transfer with this command by entering a stock journal and the despatch note number.  Select  F1 transfer all.  The despatch note will no longer be available in the file and will not updated to invoice.
If bin/batch is used the receipt will be posted automatically to the default bin for the stock item and receiving warehouse.  If there is no default bin or no such bin in the receiving warehouse, manual allocation to bin/batch is required.